Working with your Multiple Brains

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The latest findings in neuroscience are proving that the heart and the gastro-enteric system are complex neural networks that play more of role on our behaviour than previously thought. The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field (far stronger than the cephalic brain), and approximately 65% of the cells of the heart are neurons, not muscle cells. Over two decades ago the pioneering work of neuro-cardiologist, Dr J Andrew Armour discovered that the heart has a complex intrinsic neural network that has many types of neurons and is sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a ‘brain’ in its own right.

Around the same time, nearly 20 years ago, neurobiologist Dr Michael Gershon presented a body of research (in the form of a book) on the gastro-enteric system that found the gut also contains a complex and fully functional neural network, or ‘brain’. His research found that the gut brain is a vast chemical and neuro-hormonal warehouse and utilizes every class of neurotransmitter found in the head brain. Research has shown that the gut brain can learn, store memories and perform complex independent processing.

The creators of mBraining and mBIT, Marviin Oka and Grant Soosalu, soon realised that these research findings were occurring in isolation from each other. They spent many years reading and gathering a vast array of research and findings from a range of fields – neuroscience, esoteric fields, psychology, behaviour modelling and more, and they soon realised the implications of harnessing all the information into one body of knowledge. And mBraining was born.

mBraining is based upon the latest findings that neuroscience has to offer for increasing your intuitive abilities for wiser decision-making in your daily life. By understanding and harnessing the capabilities of our multiple brains – our head, heart and gut, you can learn to pay attention to and work with the unique capabilities of each. Often times, we are stuck and from an mBraining perspective, one of our ‘brains’ is doing the work of another. And you know this to be true if you have ever had a ‘gut instinct’ but just didn’t listen to it, and endured the not-so-pleasant results!

mBIT – or multiple Brain Integration Techniques – provides you with numerous practical and easy to learn techniques to get the your three brains working together, communicating in an aligned, harmonious way, using an integrated approach that is practical, powerful, and immediate in its results. The head, heart and gut have different ways of processing the world with different concerns and domains of competence.

How can you access these multiple integrative techniques to align your head, heart, and gut?

–> You can work with an mBIT Coach and learn how to overcome obstacles, gain courage, push through fear and really start achieving your full potential.

–> You can attend a 2 day public course, Evolve Your World that provides the theoretical background, a forum for exploring what this means to you and areas of your life in which you may be stuck, and some practical (and very powerful) exercises to generate new possibilities in your self, your world, and in getting ‘unstuck.’

–> You and your Leadership Team can enrol in a 2 day Leadership Decision Making Course. This is specifically for Leaders who understand how crucial their decision making process is. The importance of mBIT to you as a Leader is vital. It is crucial whenever making personal or group decisions that all three intelligences are accessed and incorporated into the decision-making process. Without the head intelligence, the decision will not have been properly thought through and analysed. Without the heart intelligence, there will not be sufficient values-driven emotional energy to care enough to act on or prioritize the decision against competing pressures. Without the gut intelligence there will not be sufficient attention to managing risks nor enough willpower to mobilize and execute the decision once challenges arise. Consider the areas of challenge you experience as a Leader – chances are it relates to one of the intelligences (head, heart, or gut) not being used (at all, or not used fully) or not well aligned with the other of your intelligences.

–> mBIT Coach Certification Training brings together all of the research findings along with behavioural modelling of the 3 brains into a practical framework that provides a set of self-evolutionary tools for wiser decision-making in all areas of life. mBIT Certified Coaches continue to report that mBIT creates quicker and more lasting changes and is an elegant and powerful adjunct to their existing toolkits. This is a 4 day professional development for those with a coaching qualification or degree in psychology or social work and leads to a qualification, and earns ICF CCE’s.

For more information on mBraining and how you can learn to align your head, heart and gut brains, let’s chat.

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