Sometimes clients need to add to their tool kit

  • they need to learn a better way to handle difficult communications,
  • or they have been told they do not listen well so they want to improve being able to hear and understand another person, or
  • their temper sometimes gets the best of them so they need to some techniques to manage emotions

This approach to coaching covers more ‘surface’ level content, and deals with specific skills and knowledge (such as how teams develop, or mastering one or more of the 19 competencies of emotional intelligence) the client has been told are missing from their ‘belt’. 

Think of it like an iceberg – transactional coaching supports clients to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes that will assist them to be better leaders, partners, parents, communicators, better team players. 

Broadly speaking it focuses on improving one’s capabilities, or behaviour, or even how to cope well with elements in one’s environment (difficult people, flexible work arrangements, and the like).

I’ve been training people in communication and other ‘soft skills’ for over 17 years and I offer a range of skills development options. 

If you have even been given feedback you could do something better, I can help eliminate these comments and support you to master your surroundings.

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