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Work with a Coach

It all starts with a phone call.  It is important that the person who is going to support you to make dynamic and long-lasting changes in your life understands you and is a good “fit”.  That is why I offer a FREE 1/2-hr phone chat – you will get some clarity, get to see how this coaching thing works for you, and many of my clients even have breakthroughs on our initial chat.  Go to my Schedule Page and click on the option for the free 30 min chat.

To book a session, you can also go to my Schedule Page and click on the option for a 60 min Coaching Session – you will be able to select your preferred time, and make payment to secure your session.

Coaching Packages

Each package is crafted to offer unique benefits, allowing you to choose the one that aligns best with your goals and schedule.

  1. Quick-Start Package (3-6 sessions): Ideal for focused guidance on specific areas. Offers a quick, intensive approach to kickstart your personal development journey.
  2. Standard Package (8-10 sessions): A comprehensive program designed for deeper exploration and lasting change. Perfect for those seeking thorough guidance and support.
  3. Extended Package (12-15 sessions): For an in-depth and transformative experience. Tailored to provide extensive support and detailed progress across multiple areas.
  4. Intensive Workshop (3 sessions): A short, focused workshop offering concentrated coaching on a specific topic. Great for immediate insights and strategies.
  5. Deep Dive (10 sessions): An immersive and thorough exploration of a particular area. Ideal for those who want to delve deeply and achieve significant personal growth.
  6. Flexible Plan (5 sessions): Customizable to your specific needs, providing targeted support and flexible scheduling.
  7. Comprehensive Program (20 sessions): Our most extensive package, offering detailed and all-encompassing coaching for profound and lasting transformation.

What can I work on?

Not sure what kind of coaching is right for you?  Here is a list of some sessions you may be interested in, and what results you can expect.

Build Emotional Intelligence

We will focus on enhancing your ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways. You’ll learn how to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise appropriately with others, overcome challenges, and resolve conflict.  Choose a coaching package of 6 or more for the best results.

Align your Head + Heart + Gut/ Intuition

Discover the art of balancing your thoughts, emotions, and intuition for holistic decision-making. You’ll be guided through understanding and integrating your logical, emotional, and instinctual responses, ensuring decisions that are not only smart but also resonate deeply with your inner self. Depending on how far you want to grow, you can selct a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month coaching and support package.

Become more Confident

Embark on a transformative journey to boost your self-esteem and self-assurance. Our coaching will focus on overcoming self-doubt, cultivating a positive self-image, and reinforcing your belief in your abilities. Choose from a range of options, such as a quick 4-session boost or a comprehensive 10-session deep dive, to build lasting confidence.

Manage your Anxiety*

Learn effective strategies to manage and alleviate anxiety. This coaching includes identifying triggers, developing stress-coping techniques, and nurturing a calm mindset. Opt for a flexible package, ranging from a focused 5-session plan to an in-depth 15-session course, tailored to your specific needs. *note: not for severe or diagnosed anxiety or those working with a psychologist, social worker or psychiatrist.

Overcome the Overwhelm

Tackle and triumph over feelings of being overwhelmed. We will work on organizing thoughts, setting achievable goals, and prioritizing tasks for a balanced life. Choose a coaching package that suits you best, from a 6-session quick-start to an all-encompassing 20-session comprehensive program.  You will acquire skills to manage overwhelm with confidence and a deep sense of security.

Communicate Better

Enhance your ability to express yourself and connect with others. Our coaching covers active listening, assertiveness, non-verbal cues, and empathetic engagement. Select from various packages, including a 4-session essentials course or a full 12-session package, to elevate your communication skills.

iWAM – inventory of Workplace Attitudes and Motivators

The iWAM offers a more complex, highly detailed Report for those wanting lots of information about themselves.

iWAM uncovers your preference in a work context, and gives you amazing insight into what motivates – and demotivates – you when working.

With this awarenss you can then take different actions that will lead you onto a better path to successfully achieve your desired outcome.

As you can see from the image of the sample report, each report is unique, just like your finger print.  Rated highgest are your strongest preferences, and lowest are your greatest demotivators.

Your Personalised Profile Report

PRINT® offers you an understanding of what your unconscious motivators are (the WHAT you keep doing and the WHY).  What you get is then one or more reports – The Why of You and your Trigger Reports: these lay out what Triggers you to behave in a certain way (people and situations) and reveals your Shadow Behaviour.

You and I then work together to bring out more of your Best Self.  We work out strategies to reduce your Shadow Behaviour, and practice ways to respond differently, better to your Triggers.

This is a very comprehensive and informative tool, with a simple layout of information that hones in on the specific information you want to know.

Additional reports are available for an extra fee, and include your Role Alignment Report and your Career Report so you can explore possible mismatches about your current role, or a sample list of careers that should satisfy your unconscious motivators.

Both the iWAM and PRINT(R) Profiles are separate items for you to purchase, and each MUST include a coaching session debrief.  The Reports cannot be purchased on their own.

iWAM -vs - DiSC and MBTI

Download a free report on how iWAM compares to the popular DiSC Profiling tool and the MBTI, or the Meyers- Briggs Type Indicator, another profile tool.

iWAM and its benefits

Download a free report just what this iWAM is, and what are some of its benefits. 

PRINT - vs - Enneagram

Download a free report on how the PRINT Profile compares to the Enneagram. 

What is PRINT?

Here is some information on what PRINT is, plus some of the benefits of knowing your PRINT.  Free!

What makes PRINT unique?

Here is some additional information on what PRINT offers, unique from other profiling tools. Free!

Do an Online Workshop


Here you wil find a range of workshops you can do at your own leisure.  All are self-paced.

More workshops and courses will be added so keep checking back!

Communicate with your Heart and Gut better

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Workplace Coaching Course

This online program helps anyone who  struggles with staff performance & growth, who needs to achieve increased levels of staff productivity, and who wants to increase genuine engagement levels in their staff.

This comprehensive program gives participants a step-by-step blueprint and all the necessary tools they need to be effective and outstanding in coaching their staff.   Delivered by the dynamic duo,it comes with over 40 learning resources packed with knowledge, examples, and lots of information to give you all you need to excel in supporting the development of your staff.

Ideal for Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Executives, and all workplace leaders.



This workshop is designed to help you connect more deeply and more lovingly with a loved one.  Everyone has difficulty at some point in their relationship, and this workshop provides you with some powerful tools to overcome past hurts without putting a bandaid over the pain.

This workshop will provide you with:

-An understanding of your internal resources

-A little bit of the language of the Heart and Gut

-An experience of updating HOW you relate to another

-Perhaps resolve a conflict you have had with another person, someone you care about

-Give you some useful tools you can use in ALL your relationships


Building your personal Resilience

This workshop provides you with some excellent skills to build your Resilience in an ever-challenging and changing world environment.  There are 4 sessions, each separate, and are designed to build your knowledge, self-awareness and capabilities to not just cope but to thrive.

This is not just a list of “things to do to feel better.”

This is actual training for you to become mentally and emotionally stronger so you have increased confidence to deal with whatever your life experience is.


Getting out of Overwhelm

Learn how to get out of the overwhelm you experience when things get to be too much.  

This short course gives you practical and very simple tools to get our of your Head when you are overthnking things, overanalysing, and just going round and round!

You will learn how to bring yoursel to a place of centred calm, as well as how to get there better and better, so it becomes a habit for you.


Courage to Evolve

This workshop guides you on how to develop the courage to make the changes you want to make in your life, and to do so by leading from the heart.

Once we re-connect with our innate intelligence, we remember our other ‘parts’ we refamiliarize ourselves with the other facets of our being – we return HOME – the very essences of our being, pure consciousness, reconnected with our source

Once here – we can evolve.

Therefore. our journey is one of remembering who we are – our whole Self. 

What is covered:

 -what courage is and where it is

 – what it means to evolve – – I have a sense you already know about this

  – what is meant by Leading from the Heart

 – and breifly we explore your multiple intelligences: your 3 Brains – your Head, your Heart, and your Gut/Intuition.


You can choose from a range of existing workshops, with recommended duration times that achieve listed outcomes.  Contact me for more detailed information, for your customisation requests, and prices.  Competitive full and half-day rates.

All workshops are designed to be delivered live, in a face-to-face environment.


  • Preparing for Change – half-day or full day workshop
  • Effective Meetings – 2 hour workshop
  • Dealing with Difficult [Customers/ Staff] – half-day or full-day workshop
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques – half-day or full-day workshop
  • Effective Management of your Time – half-day or full-day workshop
  • Stress Management for Employees – half-day workshop
  • Becoming an Influential Leader – full day workshop
  • Building and Stregthening Resilience – full-day workshop, or 3 x 2-hr workshops
  • Preparing for your Performance Review – half-day workshop
  • Achieving Success with Difficult Conversations – half-day and full-day workshops
  • Core Communication Skills – 2-day workshop
  • Peak Performance Coaching – 4-day workshop [also available as online, self-paced course]
  • Effective Listening for Stronger Relationships – half-day workshop
  • The Wonderful World of Workplace Coaching – full-day workshop
  • Leading for Success – full-day workshop
  • Leadership Decision Making – 2-day workshop
  • Compassionate Leadership – full-day workshop

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