How to Work with multiple Brains

-> start from a balanced state – emotionally – mentally – physically

     -> remain in that state while communicating with your Heart, Gut and Mind

-> whatever challenges you are facing, speak to your Heart, Gut and Head intelligences about this challenge

     -> this requires knowing how each of your 3 brains communicates so you can understand what they need you to know

-> work through any blocks that prevent the Head + Heart + Gut working together 

     -> once working together and aligned, go deeper and access their Highest Expressions: Courage, Creativity & Compassion

-> Let Wisdom Emerge – Evolve your Self, your World, your Capabilities

What does it mean to work with multiple Brains?

  • Learning to achieve physiological balance – a simple 5 min process
  • Learning to communicate with your mind, your heart, and your gut – where your deepest wisdom and sense of Self resides
  • Learning to distinguish between how each of these separate intelligences communicate to us, and how to listen to them better
  • Learning the language of each ‘brain’, and how to distinguish what one says from what another says
  • Getting all three to communicate with each other – this involves each of them listening to each other.  For example, the head may ignore what the heart says, or the gut is giving a strong message that goes ignored, and that ‘gut feeling’ is later recognised as something very important, but it’s too late
  • Only then can the three intelligences – the head, heart and gut – align and support each other to do what each is best at doing.  For example, the head is not so good at making choices of the heart, and the gut shouldn’t be making decisions that require logic and analytical examination.
  • THEN personal evolution is possible, for it is at this point that wisdom emerges.

This wisdom can only be created when alignment is achieved, and all intelligences are functioning at their fullest.  And when this happens, the intelligence of the head is being fully CREATIVE, the intelligence of the heart is expressing and being a genuine expression of COMPASSION, and the intelligence of the gut is embracing and doing COURAGE.


Here’s How I Support Clients


When working with clients, I start with where the client is in terms of what their current skills are.  If you know how to balance your ANS (autonomic nervous system) and can access  a focussed state, we can move more quickly into working with the Heart and Gut. 

For some of my clients, this process takes a few sessions.  It all depends on the level of capability of the client. 

The ultimate aim is to get the 3 ‘brains’ working well together.

This is matter of opening up the communication channels between the three intelligences, learning what their individual ‘languages’ are, and then learning to effectively listen to each, separately and collectively.  Eventually, you want to be able to know how to communicate to each one.

If the three intelligences are not aligned or even communicating with each other, then they begin to do the ‘work’ of the other domains or intelligences. 

For example, when a person is smitten with another person and their heart is full of love and positive emotions, it is not the best state of mind to be in to make decisions that require a level of rationality and logic.  This is best illustrated by the situation where one falls in love with a particular house, but the price tag is way beyond the affordability of the buyer. 

Without the wisdom and input from the intelligence of the head, a poor (or even disastrous) decision may be made!


Most people go through life with one of the intelligences dominating and overruling one or more of the other intelligences. The result is not making good decisions, and other unwanted results.


With multiple brain intelligence alignment, clients learn how to incorporate the wisdom from all three intelligences, resulting in experiences and results that are currently beyond what exists.


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