Leading from the Heart is a program for your personal growth and development.  It has been designed using the latest neuroscientific findings regarding our head, heart and gut intuition, and combined these with the ancient and profound wisdom of yoga. 

The philosophy and principles of yoga teach us that we must de-condition ourselves on three levels – body, breath and mind – to enable us to even begin to know the true essence of our being. 

This program provides you with a journey of discovery to reveal:
  • your authentic Self

  • some profound yoga wisdom

  • the ‘more’ you know you have inside you

  • how you to tap into your heart and gut intuition to live a more whole and aligned life.

Who is it for?

It is for those individuals who know there is something more to their lives, but yet they are not sure of how to achieve that.  People who know they spend too much time in their busy minds, and want to create a richer, more meaningful life.

  • If you feel stuck in your life or in what you are doing, this program will show you how to get unstuck, and to get moving in your life again. 
  • If you want to learn how to decondition limited ways of thinking about yourself, if you are serious about creating the space where you can ‘be the me’ you really want to be, then book a call to see if this program is right for you.

What is the aim of the Program?

This program will teach you how to be more present in all areas of your life, to connect more deeply and genuinely with those you love and those that are important to you, you will learn how to stop worrying and reduce the effects this has on you – on physical, emotional and mental levels.

The Leading from the Heart Program will help you:

      • Get grounded and centred – and be able to do this easily and consistently
      • Become less scattered and worry less
      • Be more focused and tune in to the things that truly matter to you
      • Evolve your capabilities
      • Generate an expanded sense of who you are
      • Live more in flow with greater freedom within
      • BE the ME you are meant to be, the ME in you that wants to emerge

You’re in Good Hands

Beth is a qualified yoga instructor (200RYT) and has been teaching and practicing meditation for nearly 20 years.  She works with clients to be better able to communicate with their hearts and gut intuition, to connect more deeply with what is truly important in their lives, and to support them to find the courage within to move forward in and with their lives.

As an NLP Master Practitioner and multiple brain integration coach (& coach trainer) Beth is very experienced in working with her clients following their agenda, tapping in to their heart’s deepest desires, and generating new ways to overcome their fears.

 Not sure if this is for you?

You can book a Breakthrough Strategy Session with Beth to learn how YOU can lead from YOUR heart

free, no obligation, one hour

Five Modules, each with a series of Lessons and Exercises
Every Module has a different Breathing Exercise
Every Module has a different Yoga Session
Learn how to switch off
Learn how to stop the Overwhelm
Well Laid Out Lessons, Amazing Content


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