A combination of the above, using the following process:

I have achieved the greatest success working with leaders by gaining an understanding of how they are perceived within their organisation or Team.  Once feedback has been sought, then the leader needs to reflect upon it, and then act.  Leaders who have the appetite to grow and develop, who have courage to view themselves from the point of view of others are able to inspire and motivate others to follow their lead.

Part of the leadership coaching process is to request feedback from others (either directly or through the means of a 360 Degree survey), and to understand the factors effecting the relationships they hold with their Team members.  Once key behavioural changes are identified, the client in partnership with me as their coach identifies a course of action that informs the coaching sessions.  The process involves challenges, overcoming obstacles, digging deep to draw on one’s internal and innate resources; the client and coach meet face-to-face as well as virtually (phone/ Skype) over a 9-month period.

Change requires 4 steps – Awareness – Action – Repetition – Review

For leaders to grow and develop in the most effective manner, the following process is recommended:

  • Partner with me as your coach to establish a vision and up to three behavioural improvements you want to make in your role. This initial session is face-to-face and can take 1-2 hours.  In addition, as your coach I can also ‘shadow’ you in your workplace to observe how you perform your work and how you lead others.  The best results are achieved when you are observed interacting with others, in meetings and the like.
  • You work toward your goals, contacting me with any questions or to share any updates in between sessions.
  • Meet with me every 3-5 weeks (can be face to face or virtual) for one hour. This time is spent reviewing progress, discussing and exploring current challenges, devising strategies, learning new skills and techniques to assist you to achieve the growth and development you seek.  As your coach, I provide support, models, resources and many useful, practical techniques that I have used with many of my clients.
  • Review progress after approximately 4 sessions and re-set goals, recognise achievements made to date.
  • To achieve the desired outcomes, it is important that you make time to do the agreed actions, which can be:
    • stop and reflect on how your communication impacts others
    • review written and verbal communications you have sent or given to others
    • practice seeing situations from the perspective of one or more individuals
    • try out a new behaviour or skill, and reflect on the difference it’s use has made
    • reflect on the progress your efforts are making

If desired, the process can also involve an assessment (a 360-degree Survey and Report of one’s leadership and management style, for example).   This provides you with invaluable information as to how others perceive you, and can give a very good idea of how you really operate in the work context.

  • This involves asking for feedback from co-workers, peers, those to whom you report, and those who report to you on your behaviour, leaderships and management style
  • Reviewing a report generated from this feedback, focusing not on who said what about you, but what trends have been identified. Leaders who are brave enough to ask for and reflect on this feedback have a more genuine understanding of themselves.

Adjusting or setting additional goals to incorporate the feedback.

Contact Beth for further information on Leadership Coaching.


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