Get Over that Heartache

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Our Multiple Brains

In a previous post I talked about the Language of the 3 Brains, and I discussed what make a brain a brain.

When we can understand the prime functions of each of our Brains (the Head, the Heart and the Gut/Intuition), we can then learn to use them better.,This way we won’t then use the Head to make decisions that are best made by the Heart.  We won’t take gutsy action without checking in with the Head and the Heart – well, we won’t once we know how to use our 3 Brains better.

By the way, it is not ME declaring we have more than one brain but science!  There is growing research into the intelligence of our Heart, and the powerful influence of the Gut on the Cerebral Brain (a.k.a. Head Brain).  Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu wrote mBraining: Using Your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff  – a ground-breaking book that brings together isolated scientific findings, blends these with ancient wisdom traditions, and document their behaviour research into applying this wisdom.

Because of the work that has been done in behavioural modelling (basically, observing others who have achieved results we want to achieve, we model that behaviour, and duplicate that behaviour ourselves to get the same successful results), we can actually work with our multiple brains and begin to achieve results we have not been able to achieve before.

So just imagine … – if your Heart Brain can learn – you can grow beyond old hurts and heartaches.

The same is true with your Gut Brain – it can adapt and has memories. You can access these and ‘upgrade them’ so your ‘wounded child’ inside, for example, can be listened to and have their needs met in better ways that what is going on for you now.

It is difficult for us as adults to imagine we have a brain (or two) located outside of our skull.  This is due in part to our language centres being located in our Head Brain.

As well as the dominance of the cephalic Brain – the Head Brain is responsible for thinking.  And it thinks it is best to deal with matters of the Heart and to ‘do’ intuition.

This doesn’t always work out well – just consider when you made a decision with your head that would have worked out better if you used your heart….

Or perhaps you made a decision based totally on what your heart was telling you – and that result wasn’t terrific either, was it??

The truth is – we need to let each brain ‘do its thing’, and not interfere with the prime functions of the other brains.  Instead, they need to work together – and most people need to learn how to do this.

In a nutshell – with all the neurons we now know there are in our bodies, many form together in complex networks that function at the same level as our Head Brain.  And we now about the brain’s ability to re-wire itself – that is, to form new connections so that we can rid ourselves of bad habits or behaviour that no longer serves us.

Heartache is nothing but an experience.  And I do not mean in any way to belittle the pain and the hurt experienced.  I simply mean that the heartache we have experienced is not the same as the experience of anyone else.  Our experience happened to us and it unique in this way.

From a neurological point of view, our experiences are connections our neurons made when we lived through the ordeal that brought us the heartache.  The Heart ‘wired’ a specific response to our experience.   When we get these neurons to ‘wire’ differently we change our experience – and we can ‘get over’ that heartache!

Knowing this is possible, doesn’t your Heart now feel a little lighter?

To the Highest Expressions of You!


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