I believe you have all the resources you need inside of you - partnering with a Coach helps you access these

Got Questions?

A lot of people ask me questions about what coaching actually is, and how it differs from mentoring, training and consulting.  Click on a question below to watch a video covering the topic.

Contact me if you have any more questions you would like me to answer.


How useful would it be to have a partner to help you think through your challenges? To help you create a compelling vision for yourself or your team? To help you develop the ability to see yourself as others see you? And to help you identify areas you can develop?


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Beth worked with Alive & Kicking Solutions for over 10 years as their Senior Facilitator and Consultant, as well as their Lead Coach, where she shared her extensive human development and business knowledge with many, many businesses, organisations and government departments.  Her style of facilitation and coaching is focused on delivering immediate and highly practical results for participants and clients. Knowing what the customer wants, Beth will pull out all stops to ensure the outcome is achieved and to a high level of satisfaction!

I have had the pleasure of working with Beth over a number of years, and engagements, at HIF that included a range of learning and coaching programs, as well as Executive briefings. Beth is an absolute star and expert who has a genuine care for the lasting impact of her work with people and businesses - as has been my direct experience. Beth's enduring results does all the talking in this regard. Beth has such a natural and professional style that brings energy, vitality, and also focus to all she's involved with. This really came through with the adaptability of running a performance coaching program with our senior leaders and then a communication program with our front line staff. Suffice to say that once our work with Beth came to a close, there were many appreciative yet sad faces. I can't recommend Beth's abilities and work more highly, and look forward to the chance to work with her again in the future. What a human being!
Shaun Williams


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