What is mBraining? The latest findings in neuroscience show we have multiple intelligences.  Most people think we have one central intelligence, and that is it as far as our intelligence goes. But, wait!  There’s more! We have more than one brain!  And this...
Hello world!

Hello world!

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Working with your Multiple Brains

The latest findings in neuroscience are proving that the heart and the gastro-enteric system are complex neural networks that play more of role on our behaviour than previously thought. The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field (far stronger than the...

Get Over that Heartache

In a previous post I talked about the Language of the 3 Brains, and I discussed what make a brain a brain. When we can understand the prime functions of each of our Brains (the Head, the Heart and the Gut/Intuition), we can then learn to use them better.,This way we...

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